To start

Ben will provide you with an intake/consent form which will gather your contact information and the contact information of the other party.  The intake/consent form will also form the part of the contract to working with the mediator, including applicable fees.

To conduct a mediation session a mediator must complete an assessment of individual circumstances and be sure that mediation is suitable to proceed.  This will occur at a pre-mediation where Ben will ask you questions about:


What you are hoping to achieve at mediation


What you want to discuss at mediation


How the mediator can facilitate the mediation so that you can participate effectively


What your understanding of the relationship dynamic and communication style is with the other party


Whether there are any risk factors present for your or your children, such as family violence or child abuse


What you believe your childs needs are

If you are discussing property matters Ben will ask you for information about:


Assets and liabilities


What you believe the percentage of distribution of the assets and liabilities should be


Your ideas and suggestions for ways to distribute assets and liabilities

Prior to the mediation you will receive in writing an agenda. This will cover what the other party wants to discuss at mediation.

At the mediation Ben will support each of you to cover agenda items and put forward perspectives and proposals.  Ben will facilitate your conversations and will maintain a focus on the discussion points, and will document agreements and shared understandings.  You will receive mediation notes after each mediation session you have with Ben.



1 Hr. | $100


3 Hr. | $300 per party



S60i Certificates

$60 per party

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Scheduled appointments can be cancelled with more than 24 hours notice. Scheduled appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a charge of 50% of the session cost.